The Barricade is a collaborative project organized by John Finneran. Rivington Arms asked Mr. Finneran to assemble a show which reflected the current political environment within his peer group. In conjunction with fellow Cooper Union graduate Isaac Resnikoff, he has produced a piece which takes as its subject not partisan ideas but political thought itself.

In The Barricade, Mr. Finneran and Mr. Resnikoff present a filter through which ideologically contrary notions can not pass: it is a metaphor for the conceptual space within which political thought is constructed. The Barricade is the product of a community that wants to protect its beliefs. It is a compound object, with a depth of unconscious intentions.

As the viewer passes through the barricade he finds a group of artworks which depend on this protected space for their validity and a group of artists who present their work, as much to one and other, as to the viewer.